Masa sudah Sampai

sekarang ni aku dah stat neves sebab dah nak exam ni. Aku tengah cuti study week, so masa ini lah aku nak belaja sume. Perggghh, neves aku dowh.

Aku neves dengan semua subjek yang ada. Aku ni nak kata bijak bistari tak ada lah jugak, tapi aku ni kalau bab belajar kene bersungguh sikit. Tapi sem ni, kebanyakan adalah subjek mengira. Aku rasa aku bnoleh buat. Tapi aku tak boleh lah konfiden sangat.

Aku nak korang yang baca ni doa kan lah aku berjaya dengan cemerlang nya untuk exam ni. Korang yang amik exam pun Selamat Berusaha & Semoga Berjaya. :)

Take Note.

I will stick a paper for you to remeber how I really heart you.
I will always say for you to get bored and make me as your
first also the last.
The time like this make me wanna cry where I know that the day we get old and pass by.

Like you said to me, this day is the day things happen to remember.

My sayang
, I love u and you know that this is not the end of it.

You is a sugar when my drink is not sweet enough.

You is a light when my eyes cover with darkness.

You is my everything where i want you to be honest.

You promise me to be with me, where i hopping the day is coming soon with you and me.

when i watching gossip girl, you eat your McDonalds burger.

they Chuck & Blair is a cute couple. I scream because it was so romantic.

you look at me with your inspired eyes. there i went to toilet.
When i was in the toilet, u put something in my wallet.

when i on my way home, u said to check.

i was touch by your words and almost cry.
i was blessed to have someone like you that love me very much.

even it was just a piece of paper, i really appreciate.

it goes:
days goes by,

and now its time,

for us to remember,

when everything started.

xoxo. B

that time i think, not only Blair gets some romance. Me also have my Chuck, where I am Blair.