Take Note.

I will stick a paper for you to remeber how I really heart you.
I will always say for you to get bored and make me as your
first also the last.
The time like this make me wanna cry where I know that the day we get old and pass by.

Like you said to me, this day is the day things happen to remember.

My sayang
, I love u and you know that this is not the end of it.

You is a sugar when my drink is not sweet enough.

You is a light when my eyes cover with darkness.

You is my everything where i want you to be honest.

You promise me to be with me, where i hopping the day is coming soon with you and me.

when i watching gossip girl, you eat your McDonalds burger.

they Chuck & Blair is a cute couple. I scream because it was so romantic.

you look at me with your inspired eyes. there i went to toilet.
When i was in the toilet, u put something in my wallet.

when i on my way home, u said to check.

i was touch by your words and almost cry.
i was blessed to have someone like you that love me very much.

even it was just a piece of paper, i really appreciate.

it goes:
days goes by,

and now its time,

for us to remember,

when everything started.

xoxo. B

that time i think, not only Blair gets some romance. Me also have my Chuck, where I am Blair.