Too Pathetic

I once cry over a boy after a break up. I was just sitting, listening my friend trying to make a joke, but the laughter came after a burst of tears. Pathetic aite? Shame on me. But that was long time ago, when I'm in high school and he is my first love. Whatever, i turn to hate him.

Give me good reason why i should cry over a boy while they don't give a damn about how precious your tears are. There's so many questions that i want to answer, but none of these i can figure it out. Women love to cry even over small things like her boyfriend didn't wish Happy birthday.

I found this quote, it tells that women is fragile and like a baby they want to be take care. From this quote, guys should learn something. But i sometimes feel that to strengthen the bonding between the love bird we need to have fire and water. I mean the attitude of the love bird.
But why women is so fragile? Because men are so tough so they can protect women from breaking into pieces. Still men didn't know. So the solution is to put the fragile tape on your forehead so everyone will know to handle you with care.